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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the parking facilities?

As per our agreement we will provide you an allocated parking location which will be for you and your family members.

What kind of waste management system do you have?

Valuing the hygiene of our customers, we have designed the apartment to have garbage chutes which are long vertical dumpster in the apartment that passes by each floor and has openings on each floor. Sanitation of the over all apartment is done on regular basis in order to maintain cleanliness and healthy environment.

What are the facilities provided along with the apartment?

There are lots of additional facilities that come along when you purchase an apartment space. Kitchen and Bathroom have minimum required utilizes of premium standard. Along with these the apartment has facilities such as multi-purpose lobbies, MEP Rooms, Parking Bays, Allocated Storage Spaces and 24/7 security surveillance provided to the apartment owners.

Payments & Finance

Do you Provide any Financing support?

We do provide Financing support as per your requirement. You may contact us directly or use our EMI calculator to know more about Financing.

Location & Infrastructure

What kind of location is the apartment situated at?

Located at Gahana Pokhari, the apartment is in the central city having major facilities such as supermarkets, hospital, police stations and dining’s with-in 2-5 mins walking distance. The outer surrounding of the apartment is covered with foliage trees in order to create barrier for noise and also maintain fresh airflow.

What kind of technology has been used to prevent natural calamities?

Designed by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 certified planners, we use state of the art technology and concepts in order to prevent any natural calamities that might affect your living experience. We develop apartments which are earthquake resistant and have other support facilities such as fire protection and safety systems.


What kind of security protocols does the property follow?

In order for you to have a peaceful living experience we provided 24/7 surveillance security service. The property is monitored through state-of-the-art technology through which any harmful actions can be prevented ahead of time with the required measures.